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Vacation on a farm in the Dolomites

A close-up experience of nature

Farm holidays in the Dolomites in Alto Adige. In our chalets, you can relax and enjoy your farm holiday. Unique mountain panorama, fresh and clear air, and the smell of the fresh hay harvest give your stay that certain something.
During your stay, you will see us doing some farm work. The children can watch the animals on the farm, while the parents lie comfortably in their sunbeds in the garden.
If you visit our farm you will see geese, chickens, rabbits, goats and more.

Bauernhof Geräte

Everything for self-catering customers

Enjoy all the advantages of a holiday on a farm in Sesto:

For self-caterers: To get everything you need for the perfect pasta or casserole, we have created a vegetable and herb garden. From this garden, you can easily take everything you need for your home-cooked meals.

Everything is just right here: cosy cosiness for romantic togetherness and relaxation for the whole family in our holiday homes in Sesto.

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